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• Pest Control Applicator #31084
• Pest Control Company #TPCL13329
• General Liability - $2,000,000

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  • Bed Bug Control
Houston Termite Service: Stop Termites from Boring through Your Money

Termites cause millions of dollars in damage ever year and several million dollars are spent for to eradicate this destructive pest. This is not a pest to be taken lightly. While you are lounging in your arm chair, termites may be busy at work, chewing away at the inside of all the woodwork and systematically working towards destroying your home. Termites need moisture and wood to grow their colony and our homes make perfect environment for them. An annual inspection by a qualified Houston termite service will help you keep your house safe from these very harmful pests.

Though there are several species of termites, a Houston termite service will be on the lookout for four main types that may invade a home. These are drywood, dampwood, subterranean and Formosan termites. Termites follow a sort of caste system consisting of worker termites, soldiers, king and queen. Kings and queens are the most important termites within the colony since they are the reproducing adults. The rest of the termites basically work for the royalty and for the upkeep of the colony. The main purpose of the queen is to lay eggs and the king’s sole role is to aid reproduction. He stays with his queen for life.

The drywood termites require little moisture and don’t ever need to touch the ground.

They reduce wood to nothing more than just a fine powder. A Houston termite service uses fumigation and spot treatments to dispose of drywood termites.

Dampwood termites, as their name suggests, feed on damp and decaying wood. They can survive in the ground. They especially like fungus infested damp wood and the Houston termite service will use chemical soil treatments and residual sprays to control them.

Subterranean termites need moisture to survive. They can often be found nesting in or near soil. These termites build shelter tubes made of mud. They use these for travel and to help maintain contact with the soil. They often seek out water damaged wood and moist areas in your home. Since these termites live in the ground a Houston termite service will not use fumigation as a treatment. These termites are best eradicated through chemical soil and wood treatments.

Formosans are a species of subterranean termite. They are one of the most destructive termites found in the U.S., forming giant colonies and quickly destroying wood. They can chew through anything from wood to plastic and even lead and copper. Once formed, the sheer size of their nests makes this termite almost impossible to destroy. a Houston termite service will advise preventive methods, such as treating wood and termite barriers rather than treatment after infestation.

Houston Termite Service: Options for Termite Treatment

Once the Houston termite service is called in, they will inspect your home and identify all areas that are infested. They will treat the perimeter of the house as well as the soil under the house and the sub flooring with termite control chemicals. This seeps into the ground and underside of the house to inhibit re-infestation. Though most chemicals are never good for the environment, newer, environmentally friendly chemicals are now being used in termite control.

Tenting is also a method to treat termites. Tenting involves putting a tent over the entire house. A fumigant is then used that fills the house and kills the termites along with any other pests. This is an involved procedure that can rid your home of an existing infestation but does not prevent new infestations from occurring. The use of treated wood in termite prone areas is also recommended. Talk with your Houston termite service to learn what treatment options are best for you.

The cost of treating termite infestation does not only involve the expense of getting rid of the pests. Very often it means repairing the damage that was done. At times, it may be difficult to identify termite infestation and it may only become noticeable after a major destruction spree by the pests. Repairing termite damage can be quite costly. The earlier termites are identified and treated, the better.

A qualified > termite service right away.

Termites grow wings as a part of their mating ritual. They swarm, especially during spring and fall. If you see a termite swarm, you are best advised to contact a Houston termite service. Doing a once a month inspection on your own and keeping wood and mulch away from the exterior of your home can save you thousands of dollars in termite damage.

Houston Termite Service: The Job of the Inspector

A professional Houston termite service employs termite inspectors who are licensed and certified to perform termite inspections. The job of a termite inspector is by no means pleasant. He wears protective clothing and crawls into small damp spaces. He will check exterior and inside of the home for any signs of termite infestation. The moisture content of the soil is also checked to find out if there is a risk for termite infestation.

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will also recommend whether a professional termite control treatment is necessary. He will also talk to you about the things you can do to keep these pests away from your home. Call a reliable Houston termite service today if you are concerned about termites and the destruction they can do to your home.


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